Monday, December 11, 2017

3308. Near Christmas and Always!

We teachers have to teach technically well.
That’s okay, but let’s keep in mind that the first point we have to meet is treating our students humanly, with respect and affection.
For example, can they follow us when teaching in the classroom? If we teach a second or foreign language, can they follow us? Are we teaching that language in a bit higher level than the students’ ones, but not much higher?
I know you try to keep all these things, because you’re reading this post, so that means you’re concerned about teaching fine. Remember that the classroom is a learning community: they learn as students and we learn as teachers. Every single day. / Photo from: Classroom Chronicles

Sunday, December 10, 2017

3307. Flexible Teachers Teach Better!

Do you ever get somewhat depressed because the lessons turned out bad? We teachers need to know that the important point about our lessons is the effort we invest in carrying them out well. The result is important but our effort is more important.
We have to value the process, not only the result, which sometimes or often depends on our students and other outside circumstances. The same counts for our students. Their grades are important but we have to value their struggle and effort at learning more than just on their grades.
And if our lessons don't turn out well, we will invest some more effort, but with serenity and taking into account that they depend not only on us teachers. We will analyze the situation with serenity. / Photo from: Free Library of Philadelphia

Saturday, December 9, 2017

3306. Are You a Flexible Teacher?

I’ve sometimes heard or read that the teacher has to be like an actor himself. I don’t mean he pretends something he doesn’t feel or he behaves and conducts himself hypocritically.
Something anyway he will have to do is showing himself with good humor, he may be tired though.
Teaching a class has something of being kind of an actor, for instance he has to act before a public, his students. And above anything else he has to direct the lesson.
Also he’ll have to be like an orchestra conductor, and I’ve referred to this on some post before. He’ll have to accomplish each student should “play his instrument” at the right time, this is, the teacher will achieve each and every student get the best from himself. And that at the right moment.
The teacher has to be like an actor, and get the best from each student, as that goes back to the origin of education: getting the best from inside and directing the way to wisdom, knowledge, skills… happiness in a word.
Educating etymologically means both getting the best from inside and leading the way. Teaching is an art, isn’t it? / Photo from: Logo Coaching Agenda. Dedicated to my colleagues at teaching.

Friday, December 8, 2017

3305. Are You Happy?

I know you’re a committed teacher.
And you should have positive thoughts when facing life and teaching. When the weather – the “interior” weather – is dull, you have to face it joyfully. You may not influence on the exterior world, but you should master your interior life: thoughts, feelings, sentiments…
In that way you’ll be able to face life in a nicer way.
You must be occupied on issues, on everyday issues, and not just preoccupied or worried about them. Make a nice face when the interior weather is dull. Even learn how to laugh at yourself – in the nice sense of defusing things that get you worried and choked.
Face up classes not as an onerous and heavy task to fulfill, but an occasion to make your students, plus their parents and families, plus your colleagues, happier. I do know cases of that nice way of living. I know you’re a committed teacher. / Photo from: man-riding-bike-blue-wall Queerty

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

3304. How to Quench Anxiety Both Teacher and Students

Some weeks ago I wrote some notes, as always, “Sense of humor. It helps discipline in the classroom. A correct attitude toward the disruptive lady (at present I teach adults, motivated ones). Mature personality. Positive psychology. Positive thoughts. Reason upon feelings. The teacher is the first person that must be pleased in the classroom. Nice rapport with the students. Lessons should be pleasant, as much as possible. November 20, 2017.”
And I have got little else to say. The teacher must be a mature personality. He should have positive thoughts and not get driven away by negative feelings: reason should direct negative feelings and sentiments. / Photo from: Baby-Swimming-Underwater Famlii. The pic may have nothing to do with the post comments, but it is a cute one, isn’t it?

Monday, December 4, 2017

3303. Planning Lessons at a Smart Productive Pace

I wrote for example on post #3300 that to have one goal for the syllabus or program may be okay.
That is not against having more goals in relation to the syllabus, of course!
So to have one goal, a general one for each class-group is okay, for the oncoming days. Now when planning the lessons we teachers can bear in mind that general goal we had thought of, and so adjust the activities of that lesson toward that goal.
One goal or objective per class-period seems right. Two ones at the utmost respect. In other words we will plan our nice lessons with that general goal at sight, in view.
The point is to try to meet our students’ needs and expectations. Plus planning lessons in a smart and productive way. / Photo from: QiGe87 com. The picture is a season one: rainy perhaps, rather cold… in the north hemisphere of our adorable planet, the one we have to take care of and teach our students in that educative direction!