Wednesday, August 16, 2017

3243. Before the New School Year!

Welcome if dropping by my blog. I was thinking that we teachers should be very human and humane with our students, maybe now and always, maybe right now that we are about to start a new school year. But always we have to be that way.
Our students do need us.
And we have to be very attentive to what they wish to tell us, even by jotting down some notes, at tutoring sessions and everywhere. Also we can help them all with our affection, care, sense of humor, joy.
As I’m Christian also sometimes I try and give someone some spiritual and supernatural advice – I try and give them Jesus Christ, loving Jesus Christ.
We can offer them our being near them, our affection and attention, like I said. Alike our prayer and understanding them. Soon I’ll try to write about gaining a communicative competence by our students, in the second or foreign language we teach.
Oh, also I would add that if we're attentive to our dear students we'll eventually gain prestige and authority before them. / Photo from: sailing courses in dublin www inss ie. The picture is a beautiful illustration.

Monday, August 14, 2017

3242. Thinking of the New School Year

Some days ago I wrote: “Even in a hostile atmosphere you can gain authority. By working with commitment, dedication, affection, and benevolence love.”
I wrote that for posting today. And I guess it is true. Think of it. I’m thinking of my colleagues in secondary schools or Spanish “institutos”, where often it is not simple to teach. You have to gain your students to your side by affection, commitment, dedication and love of benevolence.
Also I’m thinking of a movie where a rookie young female teacher gained her students in a high school by putting in her students’ shoes by making them write diaries about their lives, sorrows and pains... and joys alike! She learned about her students in that way. She could think in her lesson plans by putting in her students’ shoes. / Photo from: read-a-book-day-fun Time and Date

Friday, August 11, 2017

3241. He Achieved Some Nice Authority!

How to manage a large classroom? I was thinking of the summer camp I helped out at, last July. One day one teacher had a session with more than thirty teens. He had to set them working in teams! He achieved to rope all the boys in the class. He leant on a PowerPoint presentation. He addressed each kid in some way.
The most important point was that he had moral authority: those kids respected and loved him. He treated the boys with interest, affection, gravity, respect, formality. He had something special, ordinary though, at the same time.
He is an experienced teacher, and experience makes the difference. Also I would dare say that he was honorable, honest and upright, and he has devoted his professional life to teaching teens. It’s something you notice soon, pretty soon. Up to some extent the students could “smell” he’s a committed professional. And I’ve seen this in other teachers too. / Photo from: Animalia Life. The picture is just a nice illustration.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

3240. Are You a Charismatic Teacher?

Some useful and interesting points for today. I know about a man that used to say that the more you study something the more you like it! And that’s something we can explain to our students. The more you learn about something the more you’ll be interested on it.
He had chosen the degree of Medicine, kind of by chance. However he had applied all his energies to studying that degree and really he became a prestigious doctor in Spain, Eduardo Ortiz de Landázuri. He died in 1985.
He also said – he as well became a college professor – that being a kind-hearted and good-natured teacher was not against being a teacher that could achieve to lead a class of students. Kindness was not against classroom-management and discipline.
Alike I know a teacher that even smiles often to his students, and his students have a big respect toward him! He has kind of some charisma, yet he’s normal. / Photo from: Today I Found Out. The picture is just an illustration.

Monday, August 7, 2017

3239. Preparing the New School Year

I was thinking of the English summer camp I arrived from some days ago. Oh, it’s been so great. We’ve had fun and also the kids have learned so much English and practiced listening, speaking, reading and writing. Great.
Also they’ve learned and practiced other competences or skills, like working in teams, speaking in public, debating and discussing… Even they’ve learned to make their beds in the morning. And all of them were nice, in spite of a few punctual behavior problems. When you treated the boys aside, they reacted in a nice way.
At the cafeteria or canteen as well they’ve learned to eat their meals nice. I was also thinking that these boys are our future citizens, the ones that will lead our lives.
Some also nice anecdote was that we visited Gibraltar, which is a nice piece of the UK at the south cape of Spain. Even they’ve learned to treat God as a You, as a person, as a dad, with a limitless love like many dads and moms together.
What may they be doing now? Their families also have noticed the nice change in those kids. They’re better sons. And we teachers and monitors have also learned quite much from them. Last but not least they’ve approached levels B1, B2, C1… each kid the level he needs to pass. Remember that B1 and 2 are intermediate and C1 is advanced. / Photo from: campusa ie. That picture is not of our summer camp

Friday, August 4, 2017

3238. Learning for Life Itself!

We teachers have to educate our dear students for life, right? For life now and for their future lives, as citizens, parents… adults.
And something they must learn now is to work as a team. The next activity can be carried out by small teams in the classroom – three members I’d say – or the class as a whole, if this one is not too large. They have to choose four objects they would take to survive in Terranova in winter for six weeks.
They give from the best they have when working in teams. This is an activity we carried out in the summer course I’ve been with boys from Eastern Andalusia, south of Spain, at Costa del Sol. / Photo from: Earth Times