Wednesday, February 21, 2018

3340. How to Get Your Students Enthused

If the teacher has confidence in his method he will likely teach fine.
Otherwise unless he trusts in his teaching way… more likely he will feel frustrated plus his teaching will not be efficient.
In order to find a nice teaching method the teacher has to educate himself at teaching, by maybe studying at college and reading many a website and/or a book on teaching.
This is what I’ve done and I can confess it helps me big!
Let’s go back to that teacher. As a result of all that said also his students will likely learn quite much. And the teacher will pass on and transmit his enthusiasm about teaching in this or that way.
Enthusiasm is something that is contagious, sooner or later. No enthusiasm, no nice teaching.
Well, you may not feel enthusiasm right now but the overall teaching way will ‘infect’ your students positively.
If the teacher trusts in his method he will teach with authority and enthusiasm, more often than not. This idea has been partially taken from Jeremy Harmer.
And his students will also correspond to that enthusiasm from their teacher. And they will adhere to that method. So both the teacher and the students will embark in that method and will have success at teaching and learning respectively. / Photo from: The_Wild_Geese_Restaurant_Adare_Ireland. Ireland once again…

Monday, February 19, 2018

3339. Teachers that Motivate Their Students

Kids and adults learn if they’re motivated.
Motivated in this or that way, but motivated anyway. And we teachers can do a great deal to have our students motivated.
If those people, either kids or adults, can see you their teacher have a lot of enthusiasm about your teaching, you’ll get your students highly motivated.
I have seen it. I have seen that teachers that are enthused in this or that way they draw their students to high standards of learning. I have seen teachers that take their work so seriously that they transmit and pass on the like for their school subject: math, history, English as a foreign language, religion, sports, science, economics…
Motivation among students has a lot to do with their teacher’s attitude to teaching and learning, according to Jeremy Harmer.
Well, you the teacher may somehow be not very enthused now about your teaching, but ultimately and if you carry out your work in a fine way and improving every single day, you will get your students motivated. / Photo from: ireland Viator com. Another view of adorable Ireland.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

3338. How to Face a New Week in a Nice Way

I know you committed and concerned teachers are even excited at teaching.
And as well I know that you seek more than just teaching math, science, history, law, economics, religion, sports… I guess you every morning rise with the desire of teaching your kids or adults.
Well maybe that’s not the first thought that comes to mind early in the morning but you wish to teach those knowledge areas in a fine way. Is that so, is that correct?
And also you seek to educate men and women that are upright and honorable citizens. Even more you seek to educate leaders, right?
I also think all these ideas are okay to start a new week, a new work week tomorrow morning.
Oh, we should also remember and bear in mind that the first way to educate those kids and adults is by setting a nice example.
So let’s try to teach and educate with the best way ever, better than yesterday but less good than tomorrow: every single day we must recycle and try and teach with human perfectness or perfection. And even we try to jump over everyday obstacles...
A nice and happy week, my dear colleagues! / Photo from: best-magazines-for-children Sonny Kalsi

Friday, February 16, 2018

3337. Teachers that Are Doing Great!

Some days ago I wrote, “The teacher’s creativity. He’s the main source and resource. He knows the kids at hand and knows what’s better for them. As the best musical instrument is the voice, the best resource is himself.”
And I have little else to say today.
Most teachers have some great and nice creativity, and can give their classes a nice touch of creativity. At least I’ve seen this in most of the teachers I’ve come across.
They’re simply great. It may be worth to stop to talk with each one of them! Teachers, you’re doing great! Congratulations!
I try and not be naïve anyway: some (rather few) teachers use their yellowish notes over and over, but like I said, most of the teachers I’ve come across are creative and concerned about their students’ learning processes. / Photo from: La-Dehesa-de-la-Villa Parques de Madrid. I posted a beautiful picture.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

3336. I Keep On Being Optimistic!

Yesterday I told you that we had problems with some kids at the school I worked at, some years ago.
But I was optimistic anyway and I am so today too.
We had tutoring sessions with each kid, and those conversations were great often, more often than not. We could help out each kid and his family alike, at other tutoring sessions with these later ones too.
So let’s put in a kid’s shoes: You have an adult that teaches you and has time to dedicate to listening to you! He’s sitting with you to just listen to you! Well and he can give you great and useful advice.
He does know kids and their world, their anxieties and expectations, their concerns and joys. He can give you advice about those subjects you may have problems with: math, science, literature, economics… Even he can tell other teachers about you if you wish. He gets to know kids or he tries hard.
That’s simply great.
Those conversations took place every two weeks, maybe three, depending on the number of students you had in charge. Also those tutorials were a nexus between the kid and his parents.
Anyway my optimism also has another great and firm basement: God and his tenderness with their children – all of us are his children. / Photo from: green_ireland Interrail eu. I do like Ireland, like you all may know…

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

3335. Affection Is Necessary!

More often than not there’re some few cases of conflictive kids in Spain, not only at school but also at home.
By no means do I intend to be negative anyway. Because we can appreciate many cases of kids that are being educated nice, in our classrooms.
Coming back to the first cases, some days ago I read on the paper that a psychologist has recently said that we have to educate those problematic kids to be generous, with solidarity and concerned about other people. In a word they must learn to help other people.
Otherwise they’re going to be tyrants.
And I was thinking of our classrooms. Thank God our kids conduct in some nice way, and when there’re problems, these ones are minimized thanks to tutoring sessions, where those kids can give vents to their problems, for example at home. But remember, also we have problems.
I remember there was a summer course in a school where the kids lived. It was a program to train them for their examinations and to become better students. I’m referring to a boys’ case.
Some of the students were problematic and discipline was severe, quite much. Well, the kids were going through severe conditions in some way.
And they didn’t know tutoring sessions. When they discovered those conversations, with a teacher of great value, they in the end could appreciate they had a chance to open their minds and souls, to those adults in charge of those conversations.
It was a relief they could count on those conversations: maybe nobody could have given them chances to open their souls in a friendly way: they had an adult to tell them their troubles and problems, and they improved pretty much, yes sir, they did. / Photo from: mejores-icebergs-mundo-planeta-groenlandia. The picture is just one appropriate to winter in the north hemisphere of our earth…